For over Four Decades, A-ROO Company has been the preeminent US manufacturer, importer, and distributor of high-quality, innovative floral packaging products to the North and South American market.

Here at A-ROO Company, we offer a wide selection of products for floral packaging, plant packaging, food packaging, and accessories. These include Sheets and Sleeves for fresh cut flowers and potted plants, Pot Covers, and other decorative packaging and accessories.

We have been the first in many things, the first to supply the United States and Canadian markets with bundled and wicketted sleeves, the first to standardize sizes and stock them in multiple locations, and the first company to offer mechanical loading equipment making packaging your favorite floral and plant products faster, with less labor and without damage.

At A-ROO Company, we dedicate ourselves to the advancement and success of the floral packaging industry. We have created extensive collections of packaging goods for flowers and plants. We also have helpful packaging and utility implements, automation devices, and necessities.