Modiform Mini Plant Tray

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Standard #5 PP Recycling
Standard #5 PP Recycling
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Ready for Order

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The Modiform® 7470 Mini Plant Tray is made by the premier Holland-based molder of plant trays. It holds four ~2.35” to 2.75” (6-7CM) mini pots. They measure ~5.5” (14CM) long X ~5.5” (14CM) wide X ~2” (5.2CM) tray height. Modiform® 7470 Mini Plant Tray fits perfectly in the FloraCup® 4-Pack Mini. Together these items create the perfect eye-catching presentation. Modiform® Mini Plant Trays are only available on a custom order basis. Please get in touch with an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

Only Our 10 Liter Con Bucket Size is Available for "Add to Cart"

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14 x 14CM


MOD 7470

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