FloraCup 4-Pack Mini

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Standard #6 PS Recyclable
Standard #6 PS Recyclable
Leak Resistant
Leak Resistant
Ready for Order
Ready for Order

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Two iconic global horticultural packaging companies - two great packaging articles combined - Exclusively from A-ROO CompanyThe FloraCup® 4-Pack Mini, combined with the Modiform® 7470 Mini Plant Tray, makes for a versatile and prodigious multi-plant package. The FloraCup® 4-Pack Mini can hold up to four mini-plants making it easier to sell multiple plants and quickly increase sales. The unique box-shaped bottom holds the Modiform® 7470 Mini Plant Tray and its delicate contents securely in place. The built-in carry handle is an added convenience that is consumer-friendly. The FloraCup® 4-Pack Mini is available in eye-catching reflective metallic colors with a mirror-like finish on the interior that gives a fuller appearance.

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