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Standard #6 PS Recyclable
Standard #6 PS Recyclable
Custom Order Item Only
Custom Order Item Only

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3-Pack FloraCup® Multi-Plant PackThe FloraCup® 3-Pack Classic Plant Carrier has an easy-to-use built-in consumer-friendly feature of a molded handle, making the selection and carrying of the package much more accessible. The 3-Pack accommodates three 4” plants and is perfect for sales and stand-alone displays near check-out stands. Make a stunning presentation by adding an easy-to-use custom advertising pop-up insert card inside a FloraCup® three-pack classic plant carrier. Use bright and fluid graphics to promote multiple sales of low-profile growth plants such as violets and primrose and present consumer-oriented information, like care instructions watering information, or even barcodes or prices.

Holiday Party Pack 3-Pack FloraCup® Multi-Plant PackStimulate and boost non-traditional holiday plant sales, or make it a holiday trifecta with the FloraCup® “Holiday Party Pack.” Enhance the Holiday Party Pack with a custom display card and built-in carry handle. This product is made to order. FloraCup® is available in a wide variety of beautiful seasonal and metallic colors and various sizes. FloraCup® Multi-Plant Packs are only available on a custom order basis. Please get in touch with an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

Only Our 10 Liter Con Bucket Size is Available for "Add to Cart"

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