e Covers Preformed Pot Covers

e Covers

e Covers™

Pre-formed plastic film covers have been used for concealing a potted plant’s grower pot quickly and easily while providing the consumer with a hand-decorated look. Closely emulating traditional hand-formed and wrapped florist foil – the e Cover™ is the next step in pre-formed, ready-to-use pot covers. The e Cover™ is easy-to-use, increases speed and saves time and labor, and is a great upscale look at an economical cost.

We have an excellent array of e Covers™ in standard styles, finishes, tones, and looks that will enhance and increase the sales value and profitability of your plant.

We also offer the unique ability to customize any of our DLS Sheet designs and turn them into e Covers™ or we can create something completely unique for your plants. Inquire about our reasonable minimums for customizing and tailoring your own look.

We are happy to announce the launch of the A-ROO Company Web Shoppe! Now, in addition to calling one of our many, friendly and knowledgeable Sales Representatives, you can purchase some of our most popular items directly online!