AIB Rating

Food Safety Audit AIB International

AIB Rating is a "Third-Party Audit." It is comprised of an internationally recognized consolidated set of standards for inspecting a manufacturing facility such as ours that is a Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing Facility. All inspections and the related and all-important ratings are standardized internationally – so that every such facility, whether in America, Australia, Austria, or Asia, is conducted using the same criteria and guidelines.

Compliance with these strict steps and criteria and receiving a rating of 930 out of 1000 means that our manufacturing facility is truly a "World-Class" manufacturing facility that produces and makes packaging that comes in contact with food products.

By exceeding the standard, we can give our customers maximum confidence that they are purchasing from a company with very high regard for Quality, Safety, and proper standardized process steps required in a positive AIB Rating.

We felt that it was important to be rated just as many of our existing customers are also in the food-related business. We are all extremely proud of the very high rating that our Manufacturing and Distribution facilities in Strongsville, Ohio - A-ROO Company LLC and our sister manufacturing facility Western Reserve Sleeve, Inc. have received due to our strict procedural policies in place by A-ROO Company and Western Reserve Sleeve, Inc; and the training of all employees in the guidelines set forth.

Warehousing and Inventory


One of our four warehouse locations

A-ROO Company has invested heavily in-stock standard products that our customers have come to rely upon for their immediate availability. We stock more standard packaging than any other floral packaging company in the Western Hemisphere, and we maintain warehouses at four US locations.

This allows us to offer consistent stock / standard item availability and inventory services for custom products**

** Contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional about warehousing and inventory services for custom products.

Creative Services

Creative Services

Creative Services

Let us design a special package for you and your company! Our award-winning Designers in our Creative Department can create any look, fashion, or design that will enhance your product. Let us work with you from start to finish to create a successful retail package that will capture the Consumer's attention and help your products gain the success they deserve. We have designed packages for all of North America's largest Chain Store Retailers, Floral, and Food companies.

Hourly Rate Policy Many customers contract with A-ROO for creating concepts, logos, drawings, marketing materials, etc. A-ROO charges a fee of $75/hour for art preparation. The Creative Department can provide an hourly estimate regarding the estimated time the project will take to create. Customers can expect professional quality renderings and fast turn-around time.

Printing Services

Printing Services

Our stock Fleur™ design on the printing press

We offer high-quality flexographic and rotogravure printing for bags and sleeves on both plastic films and paper. We print full-color process plus up to 10 Spot Colors in-house. We also offer off-set and digital printing for POS/POP Posters, Product Brochures, Tags, Labels, and Gift Cards. State-of-the-Art off-set and digital printing technologies are available on a wide range of papers and synthetic substrates.

Please contact an A-ROO Sales Professional for more information.

Converting Services

Converting Services

A few of our converting machines

The Conical or V Shape is our 'Signature' Packaging. We utilize State-of-the-Art conversion machinery and processes in our own US production facility. We manufacture plastic conical shape packaging, bags, and roll stock for floricultural, food, and industrial applications.

We also have many exclusive Vendor Partner Relationships with some of the leading global producers of conical-shaped packaging, bags, and roll stock. All partners produce to strict A-ROO Company-directed quality standards.