Handmades Lifestyle Covers

Handmades™ Lifestyle™ Covers

Handmades™ Lifestyle™ Covers

Our popular Lifestyle™ Covers are thermal formed from plastic and are known for their great value, added appearance and their functional leak-proof quality.

Add hand-applied and decorated beads, glitter or themed labels, bows or pre-tied Stribbon style bows or create an added hand painted touch to our Lifestyle™ Covers and you will have a special handcrafted expression for that unique look all your own. Handmades™ Lifestyle™ Covers are easy to use and add value to plants or fresh flower arrangements.

Handmades™ Lifestyle™ Covers are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

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Standard #3 PVC Recyclable

Custom Order Item Only

Fully Customizable