Modiform® Seeding & Plug Trays

modiform seeding tray

Modiform® Seeding Trays

Modiform® has a diverse array of high-quality plug trays for the professional plant producer and grower. Unique and patented Modiform® plug tray system maximizes grower's space, stimulates uniform and more rapid growth by allowing young cells to aerate from below and then provides the best propagation shipping method and system on the planet.

Modiform® Seeding and Plug Trays are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

Custom Order Product Codes

Stock Code
Case Pack
MOD-2405 26.5CC 72 CELL 1920/PALLET
MOD-2408 22CC 104 CELL 1920/PALLET
MOD-2409 21.2CC 128 CELL 1920/PALLET
MOD-2415 8.7CC 200 CELL 1920/PALLET
MOD-2423 5.3CC 288 CELL 1848/PALLET
MOD-2433 3.6CC 384 CELL 1848/PALLET

Product Information

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Standard #2 PE/#5 PP Recyclable

Custom Order Item Only