Modiform® Retail Packs & Plant Trays

modiform combi tray

Modiform® Combi Tray™ with printed handle

Modiform's Combi Tray™ is a Unique and patented Carrier style tray for multiple plants. Allows for great protection for individual plants, designed to be both plant cart and shipper box friendly.

Transparent for consumer merchandising appeal and for ability to add grower or retailer brand image and consumer information through easy insertion of Image Card.

modiform trays

Colorful Modiform® Trays at Garden Center

Colorful Modiform® Trays

Colorful Modiform® Trays

Standout and make your plants more eye-catching by adding color to your professional plant presentation. Coordinate, merchandise and get more sales by using these high quality plant trays. Many are available with a unique single point for all plants in the tray.

Incredible multiple cavity "mini" plant packs make a dynamic retail and consumer package. Mix and match varieties, go monochromatic or use diverse plant colors. Multi-Mini packs can appear to be an instant dish garden. Add an easy to use functional and potential brand advertising or consumer information imprinted handle to the Multi-Mini Packs.

Modiform® Retail Packs & Plant Trays are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.