Voges® Orchid Container

voges orchid container

Voges® Orchid Container

Why grow delicate plants for one year or more and not ship them in the most protective carrier available?

Help showcase the natural beauty of orchids in the crystal clear Orchid container. The Voges® Orchid container is especially good for protecting orchids both during shipping and at retail!

Orchid containers fit several pot sizes including the common 15cm Orchid pot. It can protect orchids up to 19" above the pot! This container is made from recycled PET.

Voges® Orchid Containers are only available on a custom order basis. For larger pallet quantities please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

Custom Order Product Codes

Stock Code
Case Pack
P15215R ~6"x6"x26.25" Clear container for Orchids - Up to 15CM pot & 19" foliage height 100/CASE

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Product Information

#1 PET Recyclable

Custom Order Item Only