Potted Herb Sleeves

Custom printed Potted Herb Sleeves

Custom Printed Potted Herb Sleeves

Potted Herbs are an edible gift from nature that keeps growing and giving. A-ROO Company is the leading producer and distributor of conical shapes and plant sleeves in North America – we have extensive experience with a wide range of materials that can protect, help extend shelf-life and enhance the appearance to promote optimum merchandising potential. We have the largest selection of standard unprinted potted herb sleeves available and also have standard printed potted herb sleeves in stock.

We offer mechanically made ventilation and materials that “breathe naturally” like Non-Woven Polypropylene, as well as Kraft Paper.

Contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for other sizes of unprinted potted herb sleeves. Custom printing and branding is available– allow our Creative Group of Designers to create a unique custom look and appearance for your herb brand.

Available Stock Product Codes

Stock Code
Size (TxLxB)
Case Pack
CBS-9" 9”x14”x3.5” Unprinted Potted Herb Sleeve - Fits 3" Pot 1,000/Case
POTTEDHERB-11.5x12x4.5-GREEN 11.5”x12”x4.5” Printed "Fresh Herbs" Potted Herb Sleeve - Green 2,000/Case
4RC-KV 12”x14”x5” Unprinted Potted Herb Sleeve - Fits 4" Pot 4,000/Case
6S-KV 19”x19”x7.75” Unprinted Potted Herb Sleeve - Fits 6" Pot 2,000/Case

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Standard #5 PP Recyclable

Food Grade Packaging

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