Fresh Cut Herbs and Microgreens Sleeves

Stock Resealable Closed Bottom Sleeves

Stock Resealable Closed Bottom Sleeves - FRESHHERB-5.75x8.5x3.75 (left) and FRESHHERB-10x12x2 (right)

Custom Printed Resealable Closed Bottom Sleeves

Resealable Closed Bottom Sleeves with custom printing used for organic microgreens at retail

A-ROO Company’s stock resealable closed bottom sleeves for fresh cut herbs and microgreens are an economical dynamo from many perspectives. They offer great retail appearance for your fresh cut herbs and micro-greens with their ‘ever-clear’ anti-fog feature and saves valuable retail space due to their petite size. The sleeve is fast and easy to fill for growers and is light weight for economical shipping. It is also consumer friendly with its resealable adhesive top.

Two sizes are available in stock - The petite 5.75” x 8.5” x 3.75” sleeve and the larger 10” x 12” x 2” sleeve. Both sleeves have resealable adhesive strips along the fold-over flap, sealed bottoms and an anti-fog feature. The petite sleeve also has an 1/8” vent hole above the bottom seal. Both are produced from recyclable polypropylene.

Our unique conical shaped package is simply the best shape for your herbs and microgreens! They're also perfect for dried or preserved herbs!

Contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information. Custom printing is available.

Available Stock Product Codes

Stock Code
Size (TxLxB)
Case Pack
FRESHHERB-5.75x8.5x3.75 5.75”x8.5”x3.75” Anti-fog fresh cut herb sleeve with resealable adhesive strip and sealed bottom - vented 2,000/Case
FRESHHERB-10x12x2 10”x12”x2” Anti-fog fresh cut herb sleeve with resealable adhesive strip and sealed bottom 3,000/Case

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Standard #5 PP Recyclable

Food Grade Packaging

Enhanced Clarity with Anti-fog Coating