Responsibility and Liability Statement

Any and all the Statements, Technical Information, and Recommendations in regard to the raw materials used in this packaging are presented in good faith based upon tests believed to be reliable and/or practical experience.

The Customer requesting Information and a Quotation on this packaging is cautioned that A-ROO Company LLC or any of its affiliates cannot guarantee the Accuracy or Completeness of the Information, and it is the Customer's Sole Responsibility to determine the suitability and use of the raw materials in any given Application; further the Customer assumes all Liability and Responsibility for all matters of any possible Patent Infringement during the Customer's use, therefore it is not possible for A-ROO Company LLC to assume any Liability or Responsibility for these matters.

Our Customers are also strongly advised to heed all Information and Warnings related to proper Handling, the Shipment of and the Storage of these unique and special films used in this packaging where extreme Temperature conditions and Humidity can and will adversely affect the composition and intended utility of the films used. A-ROO Company LLC will not assume any Liability or any Responsibility once the product is shipped from our location.

The use of this Product is at the Sole Discretion of the Customer.

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