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Innovia NatureFlex™ Films is a UK based company that manufactures Natureflex™ film. These films can be thought of as a “transparent paper” that are based solely on non-GMO wood pulp cellulose sourced only from managed plantations.

Innovia NatureFlex™ film is recyclable through organic recycling (composting) in accordance with the standards detailed in ASTM D6400, and approved for home composting in Europe meeting EN13432 standards. NatureFlex™ is suitable for composting in industrial or municipal composting facilities, such as windrow and in-vessel.

NatureFlex™ has the same energy value as wood and can be safely disposed of in modern incineration plants, however, the film is not a thermoplastic material and is therefore not suitable for standard thermal recycling.

The following statement is recommended to be printed on packaging made from NatureFlex™ Films:
“This product meets ASTM D6400 and is designed to be composted in a municipal or commercial composting facility”

Innovia™ Film Solutions are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

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