Header Type Bags

The Additional Layers in the Reinforced Header

The Additional Layers in the Reinforced Header

Header type bags are the “Bags of Promotion” and help make a product retail ready. Headers add value to your product and to your package.

Header Bags are made on Side Seal Bags from slit plastic sheeting of either Polyethylene or Polypropylene film. The film is folded to suit the fill capacity and length of bag needed. The folded film is then heat sealed to weld close the sides and cut the bag to the desired width.

Herb Bag (left) and a Printed Hardware Bag (right) with Non-Reinforced Headers

Herb Bag (left) and a Printed Hardware Bag (right) with Non-Reinforced Headers

A header can be added by adding film to the bottom area of a bag – opposite the open or loading end. Product is loaded in the bag upside down, then the bag is sealed and inverted. The header is now on top of the package and provides a useful promotional panel for graphics and identifying features of the product.

Headers are either made in a reinforced (RH) or non-reinforced (NRH) style of construction. A reinforced header is a supported header by means of an added strip of plastic in varying thicknesses and is sealed inside the header and provides the header with substance, strength and form to support the weight of the product. A non-reinfoced header simply does not need or require the additional material for support.

Header Type Bags open up a new potential for food products. The advent of new age films that allow for extended shelf-life for highly perishable food and floral products makes header bags and sleeves a feature that is coming of age.

Let an A-ROO Company Sales Professional assist you with information on header type bags and sleeves. Our Creative Department Designers are poised to provide art renderings for Headers that help promote and identify your product’s features to make your product a successful seller.

Header Type Bags are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

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