Hebo Halter® Sleeve Dispenser

Hebo Halter In Use

Hebo Halter® with Super Power Collar In Use

The worlds best plastic sleeve dispenser! The Hebo Halter® is designed to hold multiple packs of plastic floral sleeves with a special collar that protects plants or flower blooms while sleeving. The Hebo Halter® comes in different sizes to accommodate sleeve sizes ranging from 7.5" to 31.5" top openings. The Hebo Halter® can be used in packaging areas or on location anywhere in greenhouses or growing areas.

Common Accessories include table mounts and clamps, tripods both with and without wheels, mini table top tripods, spacers and two sided head holders.

Hebo Halter® Sleeve Despenser are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

Custom Order Product Codes

Item Sleeve Size Top Opening
Hebo Halter® Plus 26 7.875" - 11"
Hebo Halter® Plus 32 7.85 - 11"
Hebo Halter® Plus 38 11.8" - 15.75"
Hebo Halter® Plus 42 15.75" - 19.7"
Hebo Halter® Plus 50 17.7" - 19.7"
Hebo Halter® Plus 60 19.7" - 27.5"
Hebo Halter® Super Power 32 7.875" - 13.8"
Hebo Halter® Super Power 38 11.8" - 15.75"
Hebo Halter® Super Power 42 15.75" - 19.7"
Hebo Halter® Super Power 60 19.7" - 27.5"
Hebo Halter® Super Power 75 27.5" - 31.5"

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