Flower Buckets

Flower Buckets

Flower Buckets

Flower Buckets on Trolley

Filled Flower Buckets on Trolley

Deliver your fresh flowers to market safely and efficiently!

A-ROO Company's injection-molded Floral Buckets are functional, durable, easy-to-handle, reusable, and leak-proof! We supply an economical selection of heavy-duty bouquet/aquatic buckets for use in flower coolers, retail displays, on farmer's market tables, and even during transportation.

A-ROO Company's lip, sidewall, and bottom construction adds significant strength and durability to the bucket and uses all the design features necessary for most filling machines that bouquet makers are accustomed to. Our flower bucket's slightly tapered shape allows for nesting the buckets to save space when not in use. The smooth black finish hides scratches and dirt and allows the flowers to pop and grabs your customer's attention.

Floral Buckets come standard in 4 common sizes with custom sizes available on a custom order basis.

Standard coloring for these buckets is black, but please request a special quotation for any custom color you may have interest in.

Available Stock Product Codes

Stock Code
Case Pack
G5LITER-CON 5 LITER Black Injection Molded Flower Bucket - 9” top x 8” height x 6.75” bottom 4800/PALLET
G10LITER-WIDE 10 LITER Black Injection Molded Flower Bucket - 10.75” top x 9.25” height x 8.75” bottom 1680/PALLET
G10LITER-CON 10 LITER Black Injection Molded Flower Bucket - 10.25” top x 10 height x 7.5” bottom 4140/PALLET
G13LITER-CON 13 LITER Black Injection Molded Flower Bucket - 11.25” top x 13.75” height x 7.5” bottom 1920/PALLET

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Standard #5 PP Recyclable

Other Sizes Available as Custom Order

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