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Minimum Order Policy

The minimum order A-ROO will process is $75.00. This dollar amount relates only to the sales value of the goods sold. Shipping, handling and broken case charge fees are not a part of the $75 minimum. For orders below $250.00 there will be a handling charge of $25.00. For less than case quantities, a $5.00/item handling fee will be assessed.

Creative Department Hourly Rate Policy

Many customers contract with A-ROO for creating concepts, logos, drawings, marketing materials, etc. A-ROO charges a fee of $75/hour for art preparation. The Creative Department can provide an hourly estimate as needed regarding the estimated time the project will take to create. Customers can expect professional quality renderings and a fast turn-around time.

Trademarks and Patents

A-ROO Company has a well earned reputation as innovators and is always striving to develop new and improved products that will make a positive difference for our Customers. If you have any comment or question pertaining to it, please direct them to one of our Sales Professionals or by emailing to us at legal@a-roo.com

A-ROO Company Kangaroo Mark
U.S. Trademark 1919724

Super Sleeve™
U.S. Trademark 1895098

Super Breather™ Sleeve
U.S. Trademark 2081698
Product Information

Super Sleeve™
U.S. Patents 5388695, 5496252, 5647168 & 5857952

Floral Shipper
U.S. Patent 6591550

Mirage Banner™ Sleeve
U.S. Patent 6505425
Product Information

Designer's Touch™ Sleeves
U.S. Patents 6786003 & 7540113

Xpression™ Floral Gift Bag
U.S. Patent 6944988

Superaire™ Sleeve
U.S. Patent 8058192
Product Information