Hydroponic and Rootball

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Standard #5 PP Recycling
Standard #5 PP Recycling
Leak Resistant
Leak Resistant

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Hydroponically grown herbs and produce are quickly gaining popularity. They remain living throughout their useful life while attached to their root system. We have just the proper packaging! Our super u-shaped solid bottom seal on our HYDROPONIC-10 and our straight bottom seal on the HYDROPONIC-14x9x5, and HYDROPONIC-16x11x5 sleeves paired with our particular conical shape, hold the bare root ball in a stable upright position within our package. This allows water to be added to the root ball area to extend shelf life. It is the best shape for your hydroponically grown product! This package provides an upscale retail appearance that will help attract customers and enhance value. The box is easy to use, economical, and protective for both the grower and consumer.

We have standard unprinted Rootball / Bareroot Sleeves in stock. Contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional about custom printing and branding – allow our Creative Group of Designers to create a unique custom look and appearance for your herb brand.

Only Our 10 Liter Con Bucket Size is Available for "Add to Cart"

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10x14.5x4" Hydroponic Sleeves
10x14.5x4" Hydroponic Sleeves Flat
16x11x5" Hydroponic Sleeves
16x11x5" Hydroponic Sleeves Flat
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