New Product


February 6, 2024

Innovation That Never Ends

Here at A-ROO Company, we continually work hard to bring you the best in the packaging industry. Our latest innovation is Netpac.

Netpac is a ground-breaking packaging innovation that offers high-breathability packaging for fresh fruits, lettuce, herbs and vegetables. The patented technology uses up to 50% less plastic, reduces the volume of waste and is 100% recyclable.

Sealing temperature to film of 302 - 356 F.

Available in 3 colors: clear, black and white Available in 3 sizes:

- Small (5.35 x 4.49 x 1.93”)

- Medium (7.36 x 4.65 x 2.36”)

- Large (7.36 x 4.65 x 3.15”)

We are excited to bring more innovative packaging to the market and will continue to uphold our promise bring the 'A·ROO Difference' in everything we do.

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