Company Update

A-ROO Company & InverPack!

February 6, 2024

A-ROO Company is pleased to announce its partnership with Inverpack. Together, we plan to provide a broad array of bouquet sleeve options in design and production!

At A-ROO, we strive to deliver exceptional floral packaging solutions to our valued customers. This partnership with Inverpack takes our dedication to excellence to new heights, bringing fresh, exciting possibilities for your bouquet presentations.

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for A-ROO Company and Inverpack as we work in unison to create a whole new range of sleeve options in the US and Colombia. Together, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations and helping you showcase your blooms in the most captivating way possible.

From stock sleeves and handpicked designs to fully customized artwork, we will surely have a design/look to fit any occasion! Contact a representative today to learn more about the partnership and what it offers!

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in A-ROO Company. We look forward to the incredible journey ahead with our fantastic partner, Inverpack.

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