Packaging Special Features

We have been providing innovative packaging for the produce and floral industry for almost fifty years, developing the first standard polypropylene bags and conical sleeves for head lettuce and leaf lettuce in the 1970s and the first standard wicketted plastic plant sleeves for the floral industry in the 1980s. Since that time we have continued to develop and offer other new innovative packaging technology for use with flowers, plants, herbs, and produce, and always with a special emphasis and expertise in conical shapes. We offer many special features to better enhance and provide successful herb packaging.Let us find together just the right combination of materials, special features and technology to provide your herbs with the most efficient, productive, protective and successful package for your needs.

In-line Printing

In-line printing during manufacturing process

In-line Printing

We offer the ability to apply an identifier via an ink jet application process in-line during the manufacturing process. We can print each sleeve with a unique identifier such as product or batch codes, tracing numbers, julian dates, product expiration or Best Use By dates, etc.

Herb Sleeve with Specifically Placed Vent Holes

Herb Sleeve with Specifically Placed Vent Holes


We offer full and partial vent holes, hot-needle micro-perforations and shaped cuts, or holes in any configuration required. This feature adds the value of allowing for a proper transmission of air and water, helping keep product at its peak of freshness.

Herb Sleeve package with anti-fog coating compared to a package without anti-fog coating

Herb Sleeve package with anti-fog feature compared to a package without anti-fog feature

Anti-Fog Feature

A food safe coating is applied to the interior of our film that reduces condensation and fogging. This adds a tremendous visual value at retail. A consumer will buy an herb package with a clear fresh appearance over a soaked and foggy looking package.

Easily resealable herb sleeves

Herb sleeve with adhesive strip that is easy and consumer friendly


We offer both, a self-adhesive tape style or a re-closable zipper profile. These features add value to the Consumer by being a completely self contained package from start to finish, never requiring additional bagging or protection.

Special Water Tight

Special Water Tight "U" Shaped Bottom Seal

Special Shaped Seals

Proprietary processes and tooling give us the unique ability to offer special shaped seals that hold product in place, and make the package water tight.

Headers on Fresh Cut Basil Bags

Headers on Fresh Cut Basil Bags


We offer Reinforced (RH) and Non-reinforced (NRH) Headers. This feature allows for product to be hung on a rack at retail and to allow extra space for additional graphics.

Plus we offer a variety of Earth-Friendly solutions for Herb Packaging.

Please inquire with an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information on herb packaging and our special features available.

Product Information

Enhanced Breathability

Enhanced Clarity with Anti-fog Coating

Resealable Adhesive Closure

Increases Efficiency and Saves Time

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