EarthFirst® PLA Solutions

PLA Sleeve with PLA Branding Information Pre Printed on all PLA Sleeves

PLA Sleeves with PLA Branding Information Pre Printed on all PLA Sleeves

We worked closely with Natureworks® and Plastic Suppliers – the makers of EarthFirst® PLA Film to develop a film that could be machined and processed into a viable conical shaped package for flowers, plants and food products. After several tests and trials, over many months a PLA film was successfully made.

EarthFirst® PLA Film is made with NatureWorks® Ingeo™ biopolymer.

PLA is a hydro-degradable product made from plants and vegetation which use 65% less fossil fuel resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80%. PLA films made with NatureWorks® Ingeo® resin is compostable in an industrial or municipal composting facility and will compost in about 45 days. It is also certified compliant to ASTM D6400 and DIN EN 13432 Standards.

PLA Film has a much higher breathing rate than petroleum based plastic films and therefore works very well with flowers, plants, certain types of fresh produce where breathability and condensation are concerns.

EarthFirst® PLA Solutions are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

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