Micro-Perforated Bags, Sleeves & Rolls

Micro-Perforated Cast Polypropylene used for Produce bags. Also available in clear and tinted rolls

Micro-Perforated (MP) Cast Polypropylene used for Produce bags (left). Also available in clear and tinted rolls (right)

All of our custom made packaging is able to have our special micro-perforation. We can put almost any number of holes per square inch on a custom basis. Micro-perforations run in bands measuring in 5 cm increments and are made via hot needle.

Commercial applications for micro-perforated films include filters, curing covers, composting films and algae retardant films.

Food applications for micro-perforated films include produce and vegetable bags, baked breads and rolls that require a hard crust but soft interior, and 'boil in bag' that allow water to pass through while keeping food product together in the bag.

A-ROO Company specializes in the conical shape – it is our ‘Signature-Packaging;’ and we have the most experience and advanced technology for making plastic packaging in different sizes, tapers, thicknesses and with or without printing, specifically for food and food products.

We offer full and partial vent holes, hot-needle micro-perforations and shaped cuts, or holes in any configuration. This feature adds the value of allowing for a proper transmission of air and water, helping keep product protected but allows for breathing.

We can easily micro-perforate any PE or PP based plastic films using EPI® TDPA® Additive – EPI® TDPA® is an additive to plastic films that make them degrade over time while maintaining virtually all of the normal characteristics of plastic film during packing and use. However, we are unable to offer micro-perforation in OPLA Films that A-ROO Company offers.

Micro-Perforated Bags, Sleeves and Rolls are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an A-ROO Company Sales Professional for more information.

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Enhanced Breathability with Micro-perf

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